Feb 16

Gun Laws and Freedom of Information Act Exemptions

While the Arkansas college campus gun legislation made the the headlines, one would consider why this little tidbit was tucked in the very last paragraphs of the article.  It seems much more important than other issues covered by the media.  Certainly more important than someone running for more than one office at a time.  Few people read all the way to the end of an article.

The excerpt pertains to the right of citizens to know important information.  If you don’t have access to information, how can you be well prepared for any and all contingencies?  We all understand the need for security, but we all also know people have to have appropriate information for good decision making.

While we don’t expect the exemption to be allowed to expire, this highlights why we prepare.  We recognize there is an issue when trying to secure the public water supply.  Weaknesses are easy to spot from an airplane or on the ground.  For these reasons, the prepared won’t be without fresh water during an attack on the water system.


The House City, County and Local Affairs Committee endorsed HB 1300 by Collins, which would amend a law that exempts the security plans and risk assessments of public water systems from the state Freedom of Information Act.

The current law expires on July 1. Collins’ bill would remove the sunset clause, making the exemption permanent.

The bill goes to the House.



The Daily Prepper News



Bill to Allow Guns on Campus Clears House.” Arkansas News. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Feb. 2013.

Feb 07

The Record Heat Waves

With the record heat waves and drought across the nation, the American Preppers Network hopes that you have been prepared.  Disasters of any type can and do happen anywhere, at anytime, and without warning.  We are now witnessing and will continue to witness a prime example of how one disaster can cause a chain reaction leading to other disasters.  Here are some potential disasters to be aware of as a result of the drought and heat waves.

1) Water shortages.  Water is the number 1 most important necessity to survival.  The average human can only survive 3 days without water, and even less in a heat wave.  I hope you’ve stored some.  If the water system shuts down or does not have enough, you could turn on the tap only to have a few drips.  If you run into a situation where there is not enough municipal water supply to your home, start looking for other sources of stored water.

  • Your hot water tank may have 30 – 50 gallons of water stored.
  • The top supply tank to your toilette is typically clean water that you can use.
  • Your plumbing in your house could have a few gallons.  Open a higher faucet in your house as in a shower, sink, or upstairs source to relieve pressure, then open a lower outside faucet to retrieve water from your plumbing system.

Don’t short change yourself on water!  Make sure you have plenty for personal consumption.  If you stop sweating, that means you are dehydrated!   

Got Water?

2) Heat.  Heat poses many risks, including but not limited to:

  • Heat Stroke.  Watch family members closely, especially the elderly, watch for slurred speech and disorientation.  When in doubt, call for help.  Time lost is brain lost.  Never leave pets or children in a vehicle, and keep them out of the direct sun.  Drink lots of water.
  • Fire.  Fires are much more common in the heat.  Things dry out and become more flammable.  Keep dry brush and trash picked up.  Do not store fuel in or around your house, and keep well ventilated in a cool area out of the sun.  Keep grass cut short, especially if your city is rationing water and not allowing watering of lawns.  Do not store any flammables in the direct sun or in your attic.
  • Vehicle breakdowns. Avoid driving unless it’s absolutely necessary, or drive at nite. Check your fluid levels and make sure your oil and coolant are topped off.  Bring extra oil and coolant with you in case you need it.  DO NOT top off your fuel tank!  Make sure your tires are property inflated and not over or under inflated.  Bring extra water with you in case you do break down.  Drive with the A/C off when going uphill.  Watch your vehicles tempature when climbing grades.  If your car starts to overheat when going uphill, pull over at a safe location to let it cool.  Check to make sure your thermostat is working before you make your trip.

3) Blackouts.   The nations grids are maxed out.  With everyone using A/C, expect rolling blackouts.  If you are in a blackout, you can wrap sleeping bags around your refrigerator or freezer to help insulate it.  To conserve power, only use what you absolutely need.  Keep lights turned off and keep your A/C set to the warmest temperature that you can safely stand.  Do you have a generator?  Be prepared to use it.  Do you have plenty of non-perishable food stored?  If there is an extended blackout, you may need it.  Stores and gas stations will be shut down in a blackout.  Do you have an emergency battery powered radio and flashlights?

4) Food Prices   Expect food prices to increase.  Especially meat.  Many ranchers are butchering all of there livestock as there is not enough food and water to care for them, this means shortages in the future.  Produce crops are drying up. Prices of corn, wheat and other grains will increase.  Even produce grown in unaffected areas may increase in price as well due to demand.  If the blackouts are too severe, stores, gas stations and truck stops may close down temporarily disrupting the supply chain and preventing food from making it to the stores.

Stay safe during this heat wave and dought.  This is a serious and potentially devastating national disaster.

Feel free to copy and repost this article in it’s entirety.  Credit source as AmericanPreppersNetwork.com

Here are some free helpful pdf files to download

Fire and Heat Waves
ARC – Are You Ready – Fire

ARC – Are You Ready – Heat Wave

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Fact Sheet: Fires

Fact Sheet: Fire Safe


ARC – Food and Water in Emergency

Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water 

How To Make A Solar Still (Plastic Cover)

Purification Of Water On A Small Scale 

Simple Solar Still For The Production Of Distilled Water

Slow Sand Filters

Water Purification

Water Treatment

Fire Safety 

Fighting Fire 

Fire Safety

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Mar 31

Prepper Meetup Groups in Arkansas


Map of all American Preppers Network and Partner meetup groups.

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Apr 02

Arkansas: Second Amendment Debate in Fayetteville

Cam Edwards talks to Dr. Wesley Stites, Professor at the University of Arkansas and Arkansas State Representative Charlie Collins – NRA News – March 31, 2011 – http://www.NRANews.com

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Mar 07

Arkansas Preppers Roll Call – All Preppers Please Check In

The American Preppers Network is conducting a network-wide roll call.  Whether you are a member or not please check in and let us know what you are doing to prepare.

This is a good opportunity to network with other preppers near you.

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Feb 28

Arkansas Earthquake! Biggest yet!

Posted by fuzzy

Got 3 good jolts/bumps (4.7) at 11:02pm last night and an aftershock (3.8) at 11:20pm. Had 2 more aftershocks up in the wee hours of the morning, but slept through them. USGS says this one was the largest in over 40 years. Epicenter (Guy, Arkansas) is about 80 miles as a crow flies from here. The Guy area has had hundreds of smaller quakes in the last few weeks. As long as they stay small, we have something to talk about! LOL So, Mother Earth, if you’re listening, just small ones, if you please! Nothing like the New Madrid fault quakes of 1811 and 1812, please!

With our preps (what they are) in place, I just laid in the bed and watched the show, didn’t last long enough to get up. Preps surely gives a person peace of mind, and a calmness when crazy, mind bending things start to happen.

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Feb 27

Marc Faber on Inflation, Stock Markets, Gold, Real Estate and The End Game

Gloom, Boom & Doom Report publisher Dr. Marc Faber joins Infowars’ Alex Jones to discuss non-traditional investment strategies, global inflation, social response and repercussions, and the phases to expect as the crisis deepens.

(Full interview available below excerpt and commentary)

Faber on Inflation:

I think that inflation or the cost of living increases in the US and elsewhere is much higher than what the government is publishing. And, I think this is having a negative impact on consumption, because obviously the cost of necessities – insurance, taxes, food, energy – is going up very rapidly. My answer to all of this is, the worse the economic conditions will become, the worse the geopolitical conditions will become, the more Mr. Bernanke and his fellow Fed governors will print money.

Consumers in the US are getting broker by the day. As food and energy prices rise, consumers:
Read the rest of this story by following the link below:


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Jan 20

What Happens When A Nuke Hits?

We can all imagine what it would be like when a nuke happens. This link I am providing actually shows the area effected. You drop the size bomb you like, where you like in the U.S. or any where else in the world and see for yourself.


Another reason to prepare.

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Jan 03

What’s going on in Arkansas?

by genxdawg

Saw these stories and they made my hair stand up. Officials say the two incidents are not related, but I have to wonder.

2,000 black birds fall from the sky in Beebe, Arkansas

100,000+ dead fish found floating in Arkansas River – 125 miles west of Beebe, where 5,000 birds fell dead from sky.
Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River

Weird goings on. :?

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Dec 27

Feds target airline pilot for exposing TSA security sham on YouTube

A Sacramento-based airline pilot is the subject of a federal investigation for exposing what he says are serious flaws in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) airport security protocols. According to ABC News10 in Sacramento, the 50-year-old pilot who requested to remain anonymous says that TSA applies its strict screening protocols to passengers and even flight crews, but ground crews are freely able to access secure areas with a simple card swipe.

“As you can see, airport security is kind of a farce,” the pilot explains in his video, as he shows an entrance to a secure area. “It’s only smoke and mirrors so you people believe there is actually something going on here.”

The pilot has worked for his airline for more than ten years and had been issued a federal handgun to carry with him in the cockpit. But after blowing the whistle on the serious security breaches taking place at the airport, four federal air marshals and two sheriff’s deputies shows up at his house to confiscate the weapon, and they also asked him to give up his state-issued concealed weapon carry permit.

On December 6, the pilot also received a letter from the TSA explaining that “an administrative review into your deputation status as a Federal Flight Deck Officer has been initiated,” a move that he believes is a warning from the Feds saying not to mess with the system, unless you want to face the consequences.

According to the same ABC News10 report, the pilot’s airline asked him to remove the videos from YouTube shortly after he posted them, but portions of the videos captured as part of the ABC News10 report can be viewed at the following link:

Monday, December 27, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030844_airline_pilot_TSA.html#ixzz19JiD3qDl

Sources for this story include:


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