Feb 28

Arkansas Earthquake! Biggest yet!

Posted by fuzzy

Got 3 good jolts/bumps (4.7) at 11:02pm last night and an aftershock (3.8) at 11:20pm. Had 2 more aftershocks up in the wee hours of the morning, but slept through them. USGS says this one was the largest in over 40 years. Epicenter (Guy, Arkansas) is about 80 miles as a crow flies from here. The Guy area has had hundreds of smaller quakes in the last few weeks. As long as they stay small, we have something to talk about! LOL So, Mother Earth, if you’re listening, just small ones, if you please! Nothing like the New Madrid fault quakes of 1811 and 1812, please!

With our preps (what they are) in place, I just laid in the bed and watched the show, didn’t last long enough to get up. Preps surely gives a person peace of mind, and a calmness when crazy, mind bending things start to happen.

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