Feb 27

Marc Faber on Inflation, Stock Markets, Gold, Real Estate and The End Game

Gloom, Boom & Doom Report publisher Dr. Marc Faber joins Infowars’ Alex Jones to discuss non-traditional investment strategies, global inflation, social response and repercussions, and the phases to expect as the crisis deepens.

(Full interview available below excerpt and commentary)

Faber on Inflation:

I think that inflation or the cost of living increases in the US and elsewhere is much higher than what the government is publishing. And, I think this is having a negative impact on consumption, because obviously the cost of necessities – insurance, taxes, food, energy – is going up very rapidly. My answer to all of this is, the worse the economic conditions will become, the worse the geopolitical conditions will become, the more Mr. Bernanke and his fellow Fed governors will print money.

Consumers in the US are getting broker by the day. As food and energy prices rise, consumers:
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