Feb 16

Gun Laws and Freedom of Information Act Exemptions

While the Arkansas college campus gun legislation made the the headlines, one would consider why this little tidbit was tucked in the very last paragraphs of the article.  It seems much more important than other issues covered by the media.  Certainly more important than someone running for more than one office at a time.  Few people read all the way to the end of an article.

The excerpt pertains to the right of citizens to know important information.  If you don’t have access to information, how can you be well prepared for any and all contingencies?  We all understand the need for security, but we all also know people have to have appropriate information for good decision making.

While we don’t expect the exemption to be allowed to expire, this highlights why we prepare.  We recognize there is an issue when trying to secure the public water supply.  Weaknesses are easy to spot from an airplane or on the ground.  For these reasons, the prepared won’t be without fresh water during an attack on the water system.


The House City, County and Local Affairs Committee endorsed HB 1300 by Collins, which would amend a law that exempts the security plans and risk assessments of public water systems from the state Freedom of Information Act.

The current law expires on July 1. Collins’ bill would remove the sunset clause, making the exemption permanent.

The bill goes to the House.



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