Nov 27

Arkansas Preppers Roll Call

The Arkansas Preppers Network is conducting a Roll Call on our forum.  If you are a prepper please check in.

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Nov 03

Welcome new member

Welcome our newest member:


Hello! I have my land in the Ouachita mountains where I will make my stand, but I am stuck in the city for the time being as I homestead a city lot. Been designing and building and experimenting with self-reliant principals for 20 years now. Rabbits and gardens and gray water systems make less trips for me to the grocery store and contacts with local farmers get me the good, nutrient rich stuff as I try to avoid government and big ag-business involvement. I can’t wait until I build my own homestead with lots of space around it. Meanwhile, I build for others and help them be as self reliant as possible or go completely off grid. Love the diversity of people and information on this site!

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Don’t know if I’m doing this right or not. This is my FIRST time to ever try anything like this. Just found the site and we’re hoping to find more “like minded” people close to us in NC Ar. We’re out here on the lake, plenty of hunting and fishing and as long as the water “hasn’t gone bad” or guarded we’ll have it too. But we are trying to steadily put back other supplies. There is a small group right here where we’re at and we are trading ideas and planning to go together to buy bulk food and divide it, hoping for a price break. We’re also planning to go together to purchase Big$$ items to all share. So, Hello out there and look forward to seeing what’s being said.

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Sep 28

I think I’d like a BOL in Arkansas, tell me more…

APN Member insidethebunker poses a question about Bug Out Locations in Arkansas….

We live in the Louisville KY metro area and by my thinking Northern Arkansas looks “safe” in a SHTF scenario. I’ve been looking via internet real estate searches at the whole North East quadrant of the state for affordable land. In a bug out situation I feel that the 8 to 10 hours from Louisville down to Arkansas might be reasonable. Also it would be close enough that I could come and spend long weekends prepping some land and a trailer. I like for the land to be something I could buy on contract. It would need a water source, trees and hunting potential. Ideal would be something that butts up against a state or national forest. Land/Lot size could be 3 to 5 acres initially but I would hope I could add to it later. Any thoughts, advice, suggestions?

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Sep 14

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Apr 09

Barter Items

Post by Muzhik from our forum

This is something I’ve wondered about for decades, ever since I first read “Lucifer’s Hammer”. While everyone else focuses on food, water, and shelter, what do you pack for those times when you need to exchange something for food, water, or shelter. Here is a list of some of the things that I’ve either saved or plan to save.

Chocolate. Both the regular-sized candy bars and the miniature packets. (Think of it as the difference between having a gold coin and a bunch of silver quarters.)
Candy, non-chocolate. Stuff like Sugar Babies, Twizzlers, Bit ‘o’ Honey, and gum.
Whiskey and high-end liqueurs. (You should also have stuff like cheap vodka, since that can be used as an antiseptic in an emergency.)
Man’s aftershave and cologne….

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Apr 03

Cybersecurity Makes Headway

Last year I wrote an in-depth article on Tri-Lateral and Bilderberg mogul David Rockefeller and his sponsored bill on Cyber security. We are now seeing that tyranny in it’s infancy. And while everyone is distracted from Health Care, this bill will take the next step in taking more rights away from Americans. This is how you cook a frog.

Cybersecurity bill (code name: Kill Switch) is making a fast progression. Apply that to the ‘Fairness Doctrine’ and not many of us will continue to have blogs or websites for that matter. Better get all you can from the Internet while you can.

Mar 28

Gardening Basics Pt. 1 Layout Strategies

If you are anything like me you have probably been thinking about gardening since the first frost killed off the last of your summer produce makers. However many people are thinking about gardens these days. Seed supplies are running low and many are dreading the worst of this economic decline. Some even remark how recent legislations in the food industry threaten to cripple our food supplies. Still others just like the taste of really, really great food, fresh from their own little piece of earth.

Either way, you may be thinking about a garden for the first time, or maybe re-planning your garden layout. In the past several years I have just put seeds in the ground wherever I had space. This year I am thinking more strategically about the garden, and as I look at the pile of seeds I have accumulated over the years I am wondering just where the heck I am going to put everything. So I got out the 300′ measuring tape, some rope and some stakes to really put forward my plans.

If you are starting from scratch, you will want to survey your area. Look for a place that has full sun most if not all the day. How big you want your garden is strictly up to you, these basics should work for you. The very next thing you want to do is start tilling. Start tilling now! Now before you say, ‘Oh wait, I need a tiller’ think again. I have roughly 9,000 square feet of gardening area and I till everything with nothing more than a shovel. It’s a great work-out, and it get’s easier from one year to the next. In fact, I have shovel-tilled my garden for two years now, and this year my soil is so soft I could probably get away with not tilling at all. However I want to turn the earth for one or two more seasons before my heavy mulching plan goes into effect full time. But more about that later.

Shovel-Till: To shovel-till your garden, all you do is stick the spade in the earth and drive it with your foot all the way to the top of the shovel. Lever down on the handle, picking up grass, earth and all, then flip it over on top of itself. This exposes the roots of the grass and pretty much kills it for the most part, leaving the earth part facing up, the grass part facing down. I recommend shovel-tilling for a number of reasons, but the most important to me is that I believe you get a much better depth using the full 6″ blade than a 6″ depth setting on a tiller. With a shovel you get a TRUE 6″ into the earth, however with a tiller, the tiller only reaches about 4″ effectively despite what the depth setting is. The reason for this is that on the first pass, the tiller digs up about an inch to two inches of soil and fluffs it. As the dirt gets fluffed up this adds height to the earth-line which means that if it takes 2″ of soil and fluffs it to 3″ then your second pass is less effectively really only re-fluffing the soil you have already dug up. The reasoning behind my theory is that the first year I gardened I used a tiller. The very next year, I used only a shovel, and found that just below the 3″ mark on soil depth I found a strata of earth that the tiller never touched in the previous year. To be fair however, I recommend using a tiller at least the first year, especially if you are just getting started. Makes that first year a bit easier. Otherwise shovel-till repetitively until you have your base gardening dimensions. I recommend a rectangular arrangement for the garden footprint, however many people do a number of different configurations, circles, triangles, squares, and even more complicated geometric patterns. If you go with the rectangle I prefer the garden to run east-west on the long side, and North to South on the short side. There is a reason for this.

East-West Orientation: There is a great deal of conversation behind the east-west orientation and a north-south one. Many believe that a east-west orientation does not allow for maximum sun-exposure for vertical gardening (a concept we will explore in a minute). There are three things that I take issue with on this subject. #1. If anyone has ever been outside in June, July and August here in the south you will find that escaping the sun is very difficult. The sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. Which theoretically means that in a trellised garden some rows will not get much in the way of morning or evening sun, however for about six hours or so between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. everything will be getting hit with full on sun. I do not believe those early morning and late evening intervals are necessary for great food production. In addition, there really is NOT any time of the day where plants are not getting some kind of sun, whether direct or indirect. #2. There is some scientific research on sunlight utilization among garden plants and it appears that once a plant ‘sees’ some sun it gathers all it needs, then shuts down for several hours as a full day of sun is not necessary for energy production. If plants get all the sun it needs from the morning sun it then shuts down photosynthesis for the remaining day until energy stores are depleted. The metabolic cycle is then fired back up and more sunlight is gathered depending on how much sun the plant needs for energy then shut down again for the evening. #3. Sunlight is crucial for brix levels among sweeter fruits etc. Vineyards and Orchards require HUGE amounts of sun and I have seen these planted extremely close together. Vineyards for example are planted in all sorts of configurations, N-S and E-W without any fear of shading each other out. The one thing where I would accept the argument for N-S to E-W discussion is in the case of rain-forest type areas where cloud cover shields direct sun from plants. Vineyards will hardly make any sugar at all in grapes for Hawaii because there is so much yearly cloud cover. In fact, grapes from Hawaii have to be sprayed with a chemical in order for them to ripen enough for wine. However, here in the states as long as you do not plant your garden in the shade, you should be fine. Finally, and East-West orientation ensures maximum pollination for wind pollinated varieties such as corn.

PermaCulture: You could spend years research and reading up on the ideas of permaculture. However if there is one thing you should take from the idea is that you will want to #1: Create permanent raised beds. This does not mean you have to encase your garden with a smattering of 2X8 boards then fill them with dirt, but rather you just raise the level of the earth itself so that the area your plants grow in is higher than the earth around it. Most of the time the act of tilling itself raises the soil level just enough for you to be able to take advantage of the raised earth idea. Raising the earth creates a dome of earth in your bed that allows excess moisture to drain off so that your root zone doesn’t become water-logged. In addition the raised bed also increase marginal surface area so that plants earlier in the year stay warmer in the cool, and cooler in the hot. I create 4′ wide gardening zones, in which I can plant densly or not so densely. for example, if I were to garden peas, I could easily plant my peas in three distinct rows in every 4′ wide gardening zone. With tomatoes which need a bit more room, I will plant 2 rows 20″ apart within that 4′ zone. These are permanent growing zones that you will develop and maintain year after year. In relation to these growing zones you will want to put in some kind of permanent paths so you do not ever walk on the growing zones. This ensures your soil stays soft and ‘raised’. Every once in a while I have to step into a growing zone, but because I have hardly ever walked on a growing zone in over two years the soil there is very soft and doesn’t really need tilling. Heavy mulching will help this as well, but more about heavy mulching later. Lastly, my permanent paths are roughly 24″ wide, or two feet. This allows me to get between the growing zone easily enough with a wheel-barrow, while not taking up too much room in the garden.

Summary of Steps: #1: Determine full sun garden location. #2: assign either East-West or North-South orientation. (preferably East-West). #3: start tilling now. #4 begin to determine (at least in your head) the locations of permanent growing zones 4′ wide and begin to hill these up in a raised be fashion. #5. Establish or begin to establish permanent paths.

Vertical Gardening: If this is your first garden, then you may be taking a lot of what I am writing about on pure faith. Be sure that you can do research to verify my theories here, much of what I am writing about has been partly as a result of painful learning (practical) combined with theoretical learning. However after several years of trials if there is one thing I have learned is that ‘Vertical Gardening’ is MUCH, MUCH more superior than any other kind of gardening in existence. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I will give you just a couple. #1: Vertical gardening is MUCH easier on the back and joints. Once your plants have gotten to production stage, pretty much all you do is walk down between the rows picking your pleasure right off the vines. #2. This means a couple of things, a: Choosing the right kinds of plants for your vertical garden, and b: building trellis systems. I am still experimenting with creating the perfect trellis-ing system, however I am closer this year for the perfect set-up in cost and practicality. This will most likely come at a later post, however with regard to ‘a: Choosing the right kinds of plants’ this is actually easier than you may think. Fortunately for us, most heirloom species grow indeterminately. That is to say, there are no natural growing restrictions. For example, just about all heirloom tomatoes will grow vines of up to nine feet or even more. Trellising these crops keeps fruit off of the ground and rotting, and provides better sun-exposure for the plant in general. In addition, there is more air-flow between plants reducing mold’s and fungus diseases to non-existant. I have never had any kind of infestation on vertical vegetables. Cucumbers grow on vines that can be trellised, squash grow on vines that can be trellised, squashes grow on vines that can be trellised, melons grow on vines that can be trellised and beans grow on vines that can be trellised. Just be sure to select ‘pole-type’ beans. Most good heirloom beans such as Kentucky Wonder, Silverlake and others grow in a pole bean variety. Pole beans are also much more productive beans, the one caveat with pole beans is that you have to be sure to pick them in timely intervals or the pods get stringy. You have to plan a little with vertical gardening however, with regard to shorter plants like leafy-greens, and peppers. Be careful not to plant these within the vertical areas. Plant these according to height from the southernmost rows to North. That is to say, that all of your short leafy greens need to be in the southern-most rows, then your peppers in the next rows, then your eggplants and other taller varieties.

Additional Stuff: Now to be sure we have only covered the very, very basics here. One of the things you will absolutely want to do is document things. Document everything, in later years you will wish like crazy you had. For documentation I highly recommend ‘low-tech’, and nothing is better than ‘Field Notes’ brand notebooks. They are small and easy to carry, easy to store. I have nine that I use. I carry one with me at all times, this is my multi-use notebook that I use to jot down notes, ideas, and a myriad of information. I also have several others for different more specialized things. I have a ‘gardening’ book for just my garden stuff. Other things you may want to do is get a soil test done, but for right now you should be good to go until next posting.

Getting Some Seed Started: Getting some seed started: Check out the Iowa Preppers Network for some great video on seed starting.

Feb 26

Yours Truly on The Prepper Podcast

Matt at The Prepper Podcast had me on his show, and it is ready for download right here! I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks, Matt, for the opportunity to be on your show!

Feb 08

The Party Is Over

     After several years of introspection and a great deal of bewilderment, pieces are finally starting to come together and make sense.  No, I’m not talking about our economy, however it seems so evident we are perched high atop the precipice.  I am talking more about our ‘two-party’ system and what is going on with it.  Ever since Bush Jr.’s last term I had a feeling democrats were going to take the white house.  Things just wern’t going to well for Jr.  Not all his fault, but he’s not completely blameless either.  But I’m not getting into all that.  The real french letter was when I saw the caliber of ‘Republicans’ the G.O.P. were running for the year.  Something strange was happening, then I saw the democratic candidates, and when Barrac began making some serious steam I had to ask myself, what is going on here.  

     You see the Republicans are having their own problems right now, they cannot figure out who the hell they are, in fact it’s quite plain what they are becoming, because they have been trying to position themselves on this line since Bill Clinton.  The Republican party wants to be blue-dog democrats.  No new there, but you will be surprised to know that the morphology is almost complete, but not because of the work Republicans have done, but more by the work Democrats have done.  The real action is taking place over in the Democrats camp.  BTW, any democrat over the age of 60 won’t be able to see this because they have been a ‘party-liner’ for FAR too long and they have no idea what is really going on except what CNN tells them.  All Hail Anderson!

     There is a great split happening among Democrats that is a little strange to see, however when you factor in the history of the world it really isn’t strange at all.  There is an ever-so-slight cleavage splitting the cell of the Democratic parties into two strong factions and there is one little one.  One of those factions is of course the Blue Dogs.  Fiscal conservatives but social liberals.  Their ideology is based on monetary facts and less on the social perspects.  This is where most democrats would place themselves if given a survey, however they do not know this fracture is taking place.  This blue-dog sect, are splitting off and slowly morphing into Republicans, or visa-versa.  Republicans (who have always been fiscal conservatives) are morphing their social conservatism into something more main stream.  So the Blue Dog Democrats and the G.O.P. are actually becoming one single party.  So what is happening in true conservatism?  Pandemonium, true conservatives can’t even identify one another at this point.  Some are running under a ‘conservative’ party instead of republicans, some have joined in with the independent party, and others have joined something called constitution party.  To be truthful the true conservatives are fractured and leaderless, unless you count Ron Paul, who has failed time and time again to gain any real steam in the elections because of the two party system.

     But what is really happening with Democrats these days?  Take a REALLY GOOD look at Pelosie, at Reid, and Obama.  What do you see?  Can you see it in the policy passed over the last year?  Can you see the begging of it, when Bush pushed through the first bail-out?  A party is gaining power under the guise of a blend of conservative and liberal ideals, do you know what it is.  It has been around for over a millenia we just never thought we would see it on our shores.  What do you get when you cross liberal philosophy and ideology on the family and a conservative statism and facism?  Earlier last year I thought I had nailed it down to a kind of weird Americanized socialism but I think I am wrong, and what I believe is emerging is far worse than what I envisioned.  

  1. What kind of government do you have if THEY tell you what to plant?  Obama will be introducing legislation this next year to try and governmentize all farmlands.  It will be called the ‘safe foods’ act, or something very innocuous to sell it to the people.
  2. What kind of government do you have if THEY tell you, you no longer own any of the water bearing parts of your land and that this falls under imminent domain, under the pure ownership of the Federal Government?  Do you remember another country doing this in 1915-1917?  It’s amazing how little we know of genocidal governments in other parts of the world while we look down the barrel of that same government right here.  By the way that institution passed in several states in 2008, and is up to be passed in the Federal Government.
  3. What kind of government do you have when it creates a provision to suspend inalienable human rights ‘short term’ (guess how long short term is?) in order to preserve “peace” (guess who gets to define peace?).
  4. What kind of government do you have when that same government can go back into time and edit or obliterate those same laws it has been elected to protect and serve?
  5. What kind of government do you have when that government becomes an elected government but that the choices are selected from a money pool?  In short, how is it that the representatives are buying their way into their upper positions?

      I could go on with this.  The new democratic party is picking up the laws conservatives have been pushing through regarding statism and militaristic control and using them to push their own agenda.  All those homeland security laws and control laws that have been pumped through post 9-11 are going to come home to roost on this very presidency.  The next three years are crucial for them, they are a brand new party traveling under an old brand.  These ‘progressives’ are burning the fuel of a pissed off Democratic party that cannot understand how they could not get Bush Jr. out of office the past eight years, but they (to steal a line from a movie) let a clown out of the box.  They let the progressives in, to do what they have failed to do for years.  Systematically beat Republican candidates.  And they beat them quite soundly due to the ineptitude of a faltering republican party, and some extremely brilliant marketing by democrats.

Progressives probably have another six years before the yellow-dog democrats figure out that the republican party is dead and that the Democrat party has become something altogether different.  Progressives will continue to fuel themselves with this ignorance until this aging generation of boomers retire or psuedo-retire and become non-essential burdens on the state.  The new, and the young will be taking over now, to some degree completely skipping over Generation X because the baby boomers just simply lived longer than we all expected.  There are some Gen X’ers bouncing around in their fathers offices, but by and large, the boomers will egress while GenY and Generation ‘screw you’ steps in.  This will be the generation of the ‘path of least resistance’ and ‘I don’t care what you do, just leave me alone’ groups.

All in all we will need to hang on, because it could be a very bumpy ride.

Feb 08


Just Saying.

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